Why Mediation?

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Why Mediation?

Just a few reasons I prefer Mediation to litigation and why I think you will prefer it too:

Litigation can be a stressful and expensive process.  However, being “run-over” by someone who is not respecting your rights can also be frustrating.

Sometimes a “gentle confrontation” in an atmosphere where a trained Mediator takes steps to bring both sides to an appreciation of the other side’s position can be effective in bringing about resolution.

Here are just a few reasons I prefer Mediation and why I think you will prefer it better also if you have a situation like I just described:


  • Generally settles case quickly,
  • Often better that trial results,
  • Saves money on attorneys.
  • Helps you see position of the other side in new Perspective,
  • Avoids complications of legal procedures,
  • May even help re-build relationships,
  • Cuts “the chase”,
  • Offers calculated settlement terms, and

Some of the problems with litigation that Mediation can often avoid:

  • Expense,
  • Stress,
  • Time,
  • Surprises,
  • Inconveniences,
  • Threat of loss,
  • Lengthy and drawn-out procedures,
  • Possibility of embarrassment or disappointment, and
  • Uncertainties of failed expectations

I have had many, many Mediations as representative of Litigants.  As an attorney, I encourage my clients to go to Mediation even before filing a suit when possible.

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