Top 10 Things to Know Before Signing That Lease

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Signing That Lease

It is not always an easy thing to be a Tenant.  If you are becoming a tenant, you need to carefully study the terms of the lease and don’t be afraid to ask about any questions you may have.  If the Landlord is not willing to answer your questions and explain his/her expectations, that is a warning to you.  Limit the deposit as much as possible and make terms of its return upon your vacating clear.

Thoroughly inspect the premises before signing the lease and if you need certain repairs done as a condition of the lease, make that clear in the lease with a deadline for performance.  Be sure there are no code violations or dangerous conditions.   Note on the lease all of the concerns or "damages" existing at time of commencement.  Be sure the lease identifies who is to perform what maintenance.   It wouldn't hurt to investigate the past dealings of the Landlord with his/her tenants.   
A few good suggestions are:

  1. study the lease before signing, and
  2. investigate a little of what you can expect of the Landlord, and 
  3. be careful on the terms of your security deposit, and
  4. maintain a good relationship with the Landlord, and
  5. inspect the property before and after, 
  6. make note of the Landlords responses to your reasonable requests during the term of the lease, and 
  7. familiarize yourself with F.S. 83.49 and 83.51 and 83.56 especially, and
  8. take pictures at commencement and upon exit, and 
  9. don't get behind in rent (if it unavoidable and you must, let Landlord know early and make written arrangements), and
  10. be sure to get renter's insurance, if you can.  

A brief consultation with a Real Estate Attorney could be helpful and save a great deal of stress and expense if you have any questions.


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