Should You Have a Living Will?

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Should You Have a Living Will?

A Living Will (Directive to Physician as it is sometimes called) is an important document for anyone, young or old.  Its purpose is to express to the world that you wish to have all artificial life support removed from you if your medical/physical condition becomes such that it is apparent to your physicians and those you have designated that there is no expectation for your recovery.  It does not generally include medication to relieve pain and to make you comfortable.  It does generally include removal of water and nourishment.

The Florida Statutes permit this procedure to take place upon approval of the physicians and the next of kin, but the importance of having a document to reflect your own personal intention for this to take place is seen when there is a dispute among the family members as to what to do.  Your expressed documentation of your intent affirms the direction to take place.

Generally, this is a document that is provided when you have your Will prepared.  Be sure to have your attorney to include this important document for you.

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