SELF-REPRESENTATION; You can do it . . .

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SELF-REPRESENTATION; You can do it . . .

You’ve been sued and you don’t know what its all about. Perhaps you don’t even know the party who is bringing the claim. They’re using words you don’t understand and it appears that you need to give a response very soon.

Well, what do you do? You checked with a couple of attorneys and they wanted more money as a retainer than you can afford or than you thought it could possibly be worth. Do you just cave in and let the other side get a Judgment against you? But, if you do, you then might have to expect aggressive attempts to collect against you. They may attempt to garnish your wages or bank accounts or levy on your available assets. They may chase you forever or at least until they recover.

Perhaps the answer is to consider handling your defense yourself. If you are fairly comfortable in expressing yourself and the legal principals are not too complex, and if you can follow clear directions, perhaps what you need is a patient, experienced attorney. Let them review the situation with you and analyze it for the most practical and reasonable approach for your best interests and then help you understand the legal principals and how to respond, AND not charge you “an arm and a leg”.

A lawyer who is willing to work with you along these lines may agree to a special and reduced hourly fee as well, since he/she won’t need to leave their office. It allows them to keep their calendar open for other cases and still be able to assist you. It also gives the lawyer a chance to serve as a teacher (something that many lawyers really enjoy). You also may appreciate being more involved in your case and being comfortable with a more intimate understanding of what is going on.

Also, by taking this approach to your defense, you wouldn’t have to shell out a large retainer and you would be in more control.

Of course, the litigation you may be involved in may not be suitable for this approach; it may be too complicated or too specialized. However, it is always better than just giving up if you are in the right.

Our office would be delighted to receive a quick call to determine if this kind of help might be suited for you.

Best wishes.

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