Mediation: get it done early . . .

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Mediation: get it done early . . .

Unless someone likes controversy and is just litigious, litigation is no fun.   In fact, you can always find something better and more productive to do.    If litigation comes your way, it might be a good idea to try to bring the issues to Mediation as early as possible.   There are many reasons for this:  1) it might resolve and be over with quickly, 2) it saves a lot of money in prosecuting or defending the claims, 3) even if it doesn’t settle, there is a lot to learn from the mediation process if you’re alert, such as the other party’s disposition and many of the facts associated with their claim,  4) the court is going to direct you to mediation, most likely, anyway,  6) it’s most always the right thing to do.

There are those who truly do live controversy, and they may make the mediation process very difficult; however, even then, mediation is useful to the skilled and alert party who looks for a bigger picture of the facts and is able to detect weaknesses in the difficult party’s personality and approach.

Mediation is always a good tool; it’s never a waste of time.

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