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If you have been sued and the allegations are difficult to understand – much less to defend by yourself, it quickly becomes clear to you that you need an attorney’s assistance. You don’t want to just give up because if you do that you will be subject to the abuse of the Plaintiff.

However, the attorneys you consult with will often ask for a larger retainer than you can afford.  Suggestion:  See if the attorney will either 1) begin work with a modest retainer and request only a regular and modest payment. If you can find such an attorney, you and he/she will probably work together well. If you cannot find an attorney who will work with you on that basis then look for one who will 2) tell you how to handle the case yourself.  It might surprise you how well you can do with just a little bit of guidance if you have an attorney that will meet with you periodically and explain patiently the situation and the approach and how to present your defense. Another alternative is to 3) consider undergoing Mediation in an attempt to settle on reasonable terms with the guidance of an attorney.

Before you undertake a defense by yourself, try to find an attorney who will assist you along these lines.

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