Last Will and Testament: an important document . . .

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Last Will and Testament: an important document . . .

Your Last Will and Testament is a very important document for you to include in your package of legal papers.  It may be true that if you die without a Will, it doesn’t mean that your property goes to the State, as some people sometimes think.  It is important, however, that you control where your property does go.

A Will gives you the choice of where it goes and even how it goes.   You not only pick the beneficiaries but you can create trusts within your Will that allows you to arrange for someone you trust to administer the funds for beneficiaries that may need a little assistance.

A Will also can be a means whereby you express your sentiments for people or organizations that you hold in high esteem.  A Will presents your last words and thoughts, and sometimes it may suit your purpose to make the most of the opportunity to make a statement of praise or direction.

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