Landlord/Tenant Issues…Commencement and Exit

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Landlord/Tenant Issues…Commencement and Exit

When you are renting or leasing a home, be sure that you take good pictures of the property throughout. Do the same on your exit. These can be immensely helpful if there ever is a dispute as to how you received the property and how you left the property, i.e. if you have caused any damages that could prevent you from getting your full deposit back or if the Landlord can bring an action for damages against you.

Pursuant to Florida Statute 83.49, the Landlord needs to notify you within 30 days if he/she/it claims injury to the premises. You have the right to respond. If this matter goes to Court, whoever is able to prevail can recover their expenses for the litigation.

You are always wise to create a paper trail of proof.

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