Landlord / Tenant – Know Your Tenant

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Landlord / Tenant – Know Your Tenant

If you are a Landlord, perhaps the best thing you can do is to know your tenant before he/she becomes a tenant. Have them fill out an application. Check their references. Check with the past landlords.

Get a security deposit from the tenant that is at least equal to one month’s rent and reference it as security for the faithful performance of his/her duties under the lease as well as for damages that may be caused. State that it is not to be used as payment for the last month’s rent.

Be sure to take pictures of the premises that display their condition at the commencement of the lease. Take pictures when they leave as well.

Have a real estate lawyer review the lease form you are using and make suggestions from his/her experience. Include reference to any property left in the premises at the end of the lease that is not removed to be “Abandoned”.

Perhaps, most importantly, interview the applicant personally and get a feel for their character and integrity and honesty.

Once you’ve got a good tenant, TREAT THEM WELL.

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