Landlord / Tenant – Know Your Landlord

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Landlord / Tenant – Know Your Landlord

If you are looking for a residence to rent, that means that you will have a Landlord. Before you pick the apartment or house, be sure to study the Landlord you will have to deal with. The Landlord can make a tenant’s life miserable.

When you are filling out the application, study the tone of the questions and it may tell you a bit about the Landlord. In your interview, ask questions about the premises and the maintenance. Inspect the premises thoroughly before making a commitment. If you can, speak with the neighborhood residents and see what they think about the community and the Landlord’s diligence as an owner and the Landlord’s treatment of tenants.

Consider how your family will fit in there. Consider the neighborhood and the region around the area. Be sure that it is compatible to you. Be careful to notice how clean it is and how well it appears to have been maintained.

If you decide to enter a lease on the premises, take pictures of it that reflect what its condition is at the time of the commencement. Get a pretty good idea of the character and integrity and honesty of the Landlord before signing the lease. If you find a good Landlord, be sure to respect and deal fairly with him/her.

At the end of the term and upon vacation of the premises, be sure to take pictures of the condition in which you have left it. Be sure to get your security deposit back within thirty days.

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