If You Are a Landlord of a Residential Property

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If You Are a Landlord of a Residential Property

If you are the Landlord of a residential property, you may face a lot of challenges and a ”street-wise” tenant can create a lot of headaches and expenses for you.

Perhaps, the most important thing you can do is to carefully interview the prospective tenant and carefully ask the appropriate questions that give you an indication of just who you will be dealing with over the entire term of the lease.  Remember, you cannot discriminate based on the protected areas of privilege, BUT you are entitled to inquire with questions that will tell you if you will have trouble in collecting your rent, if your property will be subject to mistreatment or if the tenant will be unreasonable in their demands.

Get referrals from prior landlords, get a reasonable deposit to cover non-payment of rent and for other damages that you might incur, check court records for prior evictions and criminal misconduct and meet the prospect face-to-face.

Careful efforts at the commencement of a rental relationship can avoid enormous problems later.

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