Important to Remember if You Are a Landlord

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Important to Remember if You Are a Landlord

If you are a Landlord with a month-to-month tenant and are not being paid, you need to go on and get the tenant out. You have two choices it they won’t voluntarily leave: 1.) You can give them a three day notice and hope they don’t pay the rent in the three days and then evict them, or 2.) you can give them a fifteen day notice and notify them that you want them out at the end of the next month after giving a full fifteen day notice and then evict them. The latter method may take a bit longer but is certain to get them out.

You need to be practical. If the tenant is undesirable and only owes a relatively small amount, just go on with the fifteen day notice and get them out on the basis of the termination of the month-to-month lease.

If you are unsure, get with an experienced eviction attorney and let him/her guide you. A lot of the decision may be directed by the character of the tenant. Many are schooled in staying as long as possible and paying as little as possible.

Don’t be too drawn by the temptation to get some immediate money – look at the long term. And remember to not let them too far behind in rent or you will regret it.


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