HOA: A Major Factor In Choosing Your Home

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HOA: A Major Factor In Choosing Your Home

One of the most important things you can consider in choosing the home of your dreams is the neighborhood you will be living in. It is where you will be raising your children and where you will be sending them to school. It is where you’ll be making many improvements and additions to your home. It is where you will build friendships and relationships that might last a lifetime.
Before you finalize that purchase, be sure to investigate the community and the Homeowners Association. Be sure that it is a promoter of fairness and equity. Be sure that it will permit you to grow and improve your house and other things on the property. Be sure that it will not place harsh and unreasonable standards on you. Read the By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations and the Restrictions. Speak with some of the homeowners and get a cross-section of opinions.
Look up the Association on the litigation rolls of the County and see if it has been sued and if it sues. Check the records of the Secretary of State, sunbiz.org, to see just who the leaders of the Association are. Then ask about their reputation in service to the community. Drive slowly through the neighborhood and notice the way it is maintained, especially the common areas.
Then let all these factors be considered with your other considerations in the choice of your new home. This may take a bit of time and energy and boldness, but your family is worth it.

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