HOA Considerations And Your Home Purchase… Just a thought:

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HOA Considerations And Your Home Purchase… Just a thought:

Choosing a home where you plan to live, sleep, play, raise a family and enjoy life is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Knowing that you will be living in a great community needs to be one of your top considerations. Take time to get to know your potential future neighbors and pleasantly inquire a little about the community. Also, see if you can go on-line and find who the officers and Directors of the HOA are and try to meet them and learn a little about them. Try to learn how “member-friendly” the HOA government is and how much they are involved in building an amicable community.

Consider the area immediately outside the Subdivision and make careful note of its cleanliness and occupants. Churches and schools and business (or their absence) can shed light on the atmosphere that you are considering as your future home.

Remember… when you are “interviewing” them, they will be interviewing you.


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