An Effective Approach to Mediation Settlement

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An Effective Approach to Mediation Settlement

You’re going to Mediation on the dispute that is already in Court. Your attorney is going to explain the process to you and the Mediator is going to explain it to you again when you get there.

But, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself throughout the mediation to just stay calm and keep a pleasant demeanor and a mellow spirit. That will not only help you in analyzing the things you learn in mediation, but it will communicate a respectful attitude to the other side and make them more likely to validate your position.

Just remember, you’re not there to teach the other side a lesson; you’re there to try to learn about the other side’s position and way of thinking and to be able to better balance your thinking and maybe settle the controversy.

Be calm and peaceful and be respectful of the other side and expect a settlement. Just let your attorney do the talking in the joint sessions unless you are asked to contribute something. Caucus is the best time for you to share your thoughts. Calmly open up when you are in caucus, and remember, the Mediator doesn’t mind stepping out for you to discuss things with your attorney privately OR he will keep anything you tell him confidential if you ask him to (actually, he will do it anyway unless you ask him to tell the other side something).

Just relax and let things unfold the way they should. The Mediator will try to hit the areas and issue at the right times and in a manner that encourages resolution.

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