Don’t Just Give Up

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Don’t Just Give Up

There are times when you just don’t want to be in a lawsuit. That should be all of the time, but sometimes you have no choice – you just can’t avoid it.  If you are the one who is offended, then you may have more of a choice in just forgetting the claim, but if you have been sued, you can’t just forget it unless you are willing to allow the claimant to get a Judgment against you. That can create MORE problems for you and you don’t want that.

However, the claim against you may not be large enough that it is practical to hire an attorney and you just don’t know what to do to resolve the claim. If that’s the case, then DON’T FAIL TO ANSWER the claim yourself and then ask the Court to send the parties to MEDIATION. There, perhaps you will be able to encourage a settlement that can get the process over with without a Judgment against you.

To help you understand the process, there may be legal guidance available for you from an attorney that is willing to sit down and instruct you on how to go through the process and provide hints on how to successfully get your position presented. If the Mediation is not successful, the attorney may also be able to advise you on how to present your case to the court.

A quick call to an attorney’s office will determine if you have found someone that will patiently explain what is going on and how you can deal with it. It shouldn’t cost more than a consultation.

Never give up before you even try.

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