So You Are Considering Buying in a HOA Subdivision

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So You Are Considering Buying in a HOA Subdivision

HOAs (Home Owners Associations) can be a dream of a community living experience for you and your family, or they can be a nightmare of stress and irritation and unexpected expense. Most of the determining factors lie in the management of the Association by its Directors and Officers and how they may encourage harmony and good community among the residents.

It is extremely important to consider this before purchasing in a Subdivision. Don’t just look at the house and yard and the aesthetics. Also consider the other homes and how well they are maintained and the entrance to the Subdivision and how well it is maintained. Look at how happy the residents who are playing and walking through the community appear to be.

Look on-line at Court records to see how often the HOA sues or has been sued. Read the Articles of Incorporation and pull up the By-Laws and examine the Restrictions and Regulations. Study any other aspect of the Website that can reveal the character of the community. Remember that not all people are easy to get along with and not all Association managers are fair and well-meaning.

Living in an HOA can be a blessing or it can be a curse.

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