Real Estate Law

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Dealings in Real Estate can often be a bit tricky.

Our Tampa based law team can assist in deeds, mortgages, real estate closing, leases and landlord/tenant relations.It always helps to check with an attorney who works in this area of the law as to how to approach any given situation and what you may need in the form of protection, such as Title Insurance and other considerations associated with the purchase or sale. We would be happy to assist.

Deeds / Mortgages

The conveyance of real property is not always a simple matter. Nor is the use of real estate as security/collateral to insure the payment of a promissory note. Sometimes, the best means of accomplishing a conveyance may vary, depending on circumstances. The advice of an experienced real estate attorney can be very helpful.

Parties need to be careful in entering real estate transactions. Entering agreements involving Promissory Notes and Mortgages can be tedious and complicated. You should consult an attorney and in this regard your mind can rest easier. We can help you.

Real Estate Closings

Real Estate Purchases are perhaps some of the most significant business transactions a person will ever do. Taxes, pro-rations, escrows, deposits, title insurance, and many more things must be considered. We have handled many such transactions and would like to help you.

Leases / Options

Sometimes leasing property is better suited for the circumstances than buying.  The same is true of selling. We would be pleased to assist you in advising you and in preparing these documents if needed. If the parties desire to have the right to convert the lease to a sale later, we can help with that by including an Option for Purchase.

Landlord / Tenant Relationships

We help both the Landlord and the Tenant in regard to issues that may arise in residential or commercial leases between them (of course not both on the same case). A real estate lease relationship can be complicated and the advice of an experienced real estate attorney familiar with this area of law can provide good guidance. Both the Landlord and the Tenant have responsibilities under a Lease Agreement and under the law. They must be considered and respected. We can help.

Foreclosure Defense

The economy has hit everybody preventing many homeowners from being able to pay their mortgage payments. We would like to help you stay in your home with a mortgage modification, if necessary. Or, we can assist you in arranging for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure or possibly a Short Sale and avoid a personal deficiency claim. In most cases we let you stay active in the negotiations and can charge less than many other firms. We try to guide you through the negotiations which many times is more efficient and more economical for you, saving money for your modification or for your move.


We assist private creditors who hold security interests (mortgages) by filing foreclosure suits to collect the obligations that are due. The process has gotten much more complex in recent years due to the recent challenges of our economy. Actually, the process was never a simple one in the first place. It requires a title search to see just who else might have a claim on the property. We can help you enforce your mortgage / security claim.