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Trials…Courts are designed to help people bring a dispute to a close and to reach justice. Most of the time, it is important to have the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Litigation, appeals and trial lawyer representation in the Tampa Florida and Polk County areas.Sometimes, in the smaller matters (Small Claims Court), an attorney’s guidance may be all that is necessary.

Judges are committed to helping bring about a right and just conclusion, but it is important to include in your trial presentations, all the necessary things that assist in helping the judge do so.  Your claim, your defense, your evidence, the testimony needed and your understanding of the procedure that will take place are all things that you should want to have a handle on before going into a lawsuit. It can be very complex or relatively simple.

We’d like to help you by either representing you or guiding you in the trial of your case.


We’re all human. Anybody can make a mistake – including a Judge. That’s why there are Courts of Appeal. We handle appeals on many matters if the circumstances are appropriate. Appeals should not be undertaken simply because a party may not like the outcome of a trial in the lower court. There needs to be a legal and supportable basis for the appeal. Appeal matters outside the scope of work are associated with other counsel or referred. We would be pleased to evaluate your case for appeal and possibly take on the Appeal if appropriate.